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Starting a Business

Easy Business Planning

Personal Selling

Thank you for the excellent class on starting a business. I took away a tremendous amount of information! Awesome!

David, May 2017

How To Start a Successful Small Business

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. Your workshop has inspired me to go forward with starting and building my business. Your knowledge and energy are beyond words! You are the best speaker/teacher I have encountered in my 52 years!

Carla, May 2017

How To Start a Successful Small Business

I want to give you a testimonial for your Credibility First Introduction! I tried it with a new bridal prospect this past weekend, two days after taking your class. She immediately responded saying how impressed she was with my amount and scope of experience. We scheduled a meeting and I booked the job on the spot! I call this instant success!

Amber, May 2017

BizOwner Selling

Great class last night! Thank you for the class and the encouragement and giving me some much needed direction for what I want to do with my life in retirement!

Curt, May 2017

21 Question Business Plan Class

Thank you for your wise teachings. I really appreciate you breaking down this business plan writing so it is less intimidating. Before your class I felt like my word and ideas in my head were enough. However, I now understand how important it is to have physical proof and hard data and real information that answers the pressing questions like why and for who? This once intimidating process now feels like it is manageable!

Jiccarra , May 2017

21 Question Business Plan Class

I attended last month’s BizOwner Selling workshop in Roseville. It was perhaps the best seminar I have ever attended! You are an engaging, practical, knowledgeable, and entertaining speaker. Anyone who attends your workshop or class is going to learn how to sell, unless they are not paying attention! The 3 hours flew by. I learned several techniques that I am implementing immediately in my communications consulting business.

Terry, April 2017

BizOwner Selling

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