About Bob Voss

Bob Voss worked as a full time business owner up until the age of 51, starting and operating five new businesses and creating successful business plans for each based on 21 questions any new business owner needs to answer.  He has personally experienced both the highs and the lows of starting and owning a new business.  In March of 2002 Bob made the decision that he was not only a Business Owner but also was a teacher as well.

A few months later Bob interviewed for a new faculty position at Dakota County Technical College.  This position was created to start a new certificate program focused on Business Entrepreneurship.  Even though he had never formally taught before he convinced the committee that because of his experience and his desire to help fellow bizowners, he was the best candidate.  Bob not only is the main instructor for this certificate but also created most of the class curriculums as well.

In 2006 Bob was voted the DCTC instructor the year by the student body.  In 2007 he was nominated for the Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Teaching, for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.  In 2008 he was voted as the National Entrepreneur Instructor of the Year by the National Association of Community Colleges for Entrepreneurship.

Bob commitment to education and his passion for helping others start businesses have made him a sought after speaker at dislocated worker training sessions, entrepreneur groups, and career development seminars.

To find out more about Bob’s teaching schedule go to the Dakota County Technical College website at www.dctc.edu

In addition to Bob’s teaching schedule, Bob is also a counselor with the SDCD (Small Business Development Center) where he has worked with over 150 businesses.  To find out more about the SBDC go to www.sbs.gov and search for the SBDC.

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