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The 21 Question Business Plan ™ is the simplest way to create a brilliant business plan for your new business!

Also included with the workbook, you will receive in your e-mail, a username and password to access the on-line assessment “Will My New Business Succeed?”  This assessment will tell you before you start your business, the probability of that new business succeeding!  This assessment not only gives you your probability of success, but also highlights the areas where your new business could be vulnerable so you can work on them before you launch.  When you take the assessment you also get a 30 page document in PDF format that highlights each of your responses to show why your response increases or decreases the probability of success.  The username and password allow you to take the assessment on line three times.

Everyone knows that if you are going to start a business you need to create a business plan before you launch.  To most people the thought of spending days, weeks, and sometimes even months writing a plan is too much to handle.  That is why most people either don’t create a plan or don’t finish the plan they started.  The 21 Question Business Plan ™ was designed to get you a complete plan quickly (most people spend 12-24 hours on their 21 Question Business Plan).  Don’t be intimidated by the business planning process.  The 21 Question Business Plan ™ was created so anyone can easily create a brilliant business plan for their new business!  Want to help guarantee the success of your new business……then create a 21 Question Business Plan ™ before you start!


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