There have recently been a number of changes at the Secretary of State’s office that impact new business filings:

1) Costs have increased for on-line filing and in person filings. If you file a Sole Proprietor the fee is now $30, and if you file on line for in person the fee has been raised to $50. Likewise fees have increased for on line and in person filings for the other business entities (LLC’s for example) as well.

2) If you file a Sole Proprietor (Certificate of Assumed name) you will have to now file an annual renewal to stay current. There is no charge for annual renewals. If you are already a sole proprietor under the old plan, the filing was good for 10 years. When the ten years are up, you will have to re-file (and pay all fees) and from that point on you will have it file annual renewals.

3) Go to to get more information.

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