When it comes to Monday morning most people need a serious attitude adjustment! BizOwners, people looking for a job, people going to a job they dislike, all should look at Monday morning as the starting point for creating the life they really want. What happens during the first few hours of the week will set the tone and the opportunity for having a great week, a so-so week, or the week from hell. William James the renowned Psychologist said that….

“Human beings, by changing the inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives.”

So what is an “attitude”? If you go to the dictionary you find the general definition of attitude is defined two ways. The first, and most common definition, is that attitude is our state of mind, how we think about something. If we are a new BizOwner our state of mind should be one of excitement and expectation that customers are waiting to buy from me and all I have to do is find them. If we are looking for a job, then our state of mind should be that the perfect job is out there, within our reach, and that shortly, the job will be mine. If we are going to a job we dislike, then our state of mind should be one of gratefulness that we have a job, and that something in this job is needed by me to succeed and grow. Looking at your individual situation through a new set of eyes (a new state of mind or attitude) will make this coming week, a week to remember!

The second definition of attitude deals with the position or posture of the body. If we are down, depressed, or beat up what does our body look like? Likewise if we are upbeat, positive and confident, what does our body look like? Changing our attitude is not just about changing the way we think, it is also about how we physically look and present ourselves to the world. Both of these definitions of the word “attitude” will be examined in much greater detail in the weeks to come.

Monday Morning Attitude is a weekly blog/podcast to help BizOwners, dislocated workers, and the under employed start the week with the right state of mind for success. By doing this is also helps me get the right attitude for success as well!

Check back each week to get a gentle Kick in the A_ _ for making this week a great week! If you would like to comment on this blog or provide a suggestion to help others, e-mail me at

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