The third founding principle behind the 21 Question Business plan™ is that you must SPEAK the answers to the questions.  In other words, after you have created the highlights or narrative for your answers, you must then speak the answers out loud!  Speaking an answer out loud is important for two reasons.

The first reason you must speak your answers out loud is that whatever you speak out loud gets inside of you.  The answers you give to others about your business must be presented with 100% confidence and 100% belief in order for them to be believed and trusted by others.  Just writing an answer does not do this.  Speaking out loud allows you to add emotions and feelings to your answers.  People intuitively know when they hear an answer to a question if the answer is true or just a bunch of BS!  When you are creating your 21 Question Business Plan™, after a question has been answered with highlights or narrative, say the answer out loud.  How did the answer sound?  Did you answer the question?  Do you believe in your answers?  Make sure you have confidence in your answers, and then make sure when you say the answer out loud that the confidence shows with emotions and feelings. 

The second reason you must speak your answers out loud is that it will make you a much better writer.  Many people who are good writers, pause many times as they are writing to speak out loud what they have written.  As a teacher I require students to write assignments and many times I have them read the assignments to the class.  Often the student starts reading and stops because what they wrote just doesn’t sound right, or in some cases makes no sense at all!  After the initial embarrassment I use them as an example for promoting reading something out loud, before you have to read it to a class.  Usually this happens only once per class and then the students have no more problems reading what they wrote.  I became a much better writer and blogger when I started speaking out loud what I had written.  One other benefit of reading out loud is that it allows you to find misspellings or grammar errors in your writing.  It seems like every time I speak something out loud that I have written I find errors that I didn’t find when I just read it with my eyes.

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