Why Is Business Planning So Hard?

Whenever I speak at a workforce center on starting a small business I always ask the question “How many of you have written a business plan before?” I always get one or two people that have attempted the process and they always say the same things. They usually point out that the process is extremely complicated, they may not understand the words being used, they don’t like having to write so much, and they don’t get how to do the financials.

It is my belief that over 90% of the people who with good intentions start the business plan process never complete it. Although there are no real statistics on the subject; I know from people telling me they started the process and didn’t complete it, that the 90% figure is probably close to being correct. When I dig deeper into why good intentioned people don’t complete the business plans they start I find there are three main reasons for quitting.

Reason #1: When people review all that is included in a business plan they think that the plan is going to be too big and too complex and they are already in the process of quitting before they start!
Reason #2: The financial sections of business plan templates or books on business planning are so large and so complicated the person believes they needs an accountant to do them, so they get discouraged and quit!

Reason #3: When a person starts a business plan they believe that have to write lengthy narrative for each section. Since most people do not believe they are good “writers” they soon get discouraged with their writing ability and quit! This is why many plans are what I call copy and paste business plans. People find completed plans on the internet and copy and paste their way to a completed document. Copy and pasting may get you a completed business plan, but to me, the plan is worthless!

So if business planning is so hard, why doesn’t someone come along and make it easier? For that matter, why doesn’t someone create a business plan for people who aren’t good writers? Here is the good news, the plan exists and absolutely anyone can do it! The plan is called THE 21 QUESTION BUSINESS PLAN™! Answer just 21 questions and you got yourself a plan! Come back to this blog because in other posts I will show you how the 21 QUESTION BUSINESS PLAN™ easily allows you to create a brilliant business plan and you don’t have to be good writer to complete it!

For more information on the 21 QUESTION BUSINESS PLAN™ e-mail me at bvoss@bizownertraining.com or go to www.21questionbusinessplan.com.

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